May 2017 - Digital Assessment Images

Images entered in Shoalhaven Photographic Club's Digital Assessment meeting for May 2017. The set subject is "Rural - animals, farm buildings, rural lifestyle'.
Open-Colour-1 Open-Colour-2 Open-Colour-3
Open-Colour-4 Open-Colour-5 Open-Colour-6
Open-Colour-7 Open-Mono-1 Open-Mono-2
Set-Colour-1 Set-Colour-2 Set-Colour-3 : Rural
Set-Colour-4 Set-Colour-5 Set-Colour-6
Set-Colour-7 Set-Colour-8 Set-Colour-9
Set-Colour-10 Set-Colour-11 Set-Colour-12
Set-Colour-13 : Rural Set-Colour-14 Set-Colour-15
Set-Colour-16  Terri Ford - Photo of the Month Set-Colour-17 Set-Colour-18
Set-Colour-19 Set-Colour-20 Set-Colour-21
Set-Colour-22 Set-Colour-23 Set-Colour-24
Set-Colour-25 Set-Colour-26 Set-Colour-27
Set-Colour-28 Set-Colour-29 Set-Colour-30
Set-Mono-1 Set-Mono-2 Set-Mono-3
Set-Mono-4 Set-Mono-5 Set-Mono-6
Set-Mono-7 Set-Mono-8 Set-Mono-9