May 2018 - Digital Assessment Images

Images entered in the May 2018 Digital/Projected Images Competition
OC01 Carina Nebula+Coalsack  Peter Cato - Credit OC02 Praying Mantus  Matt Kaarma OC03 Victorian High Country  Pauline Kitto OC04 Sun Peek  Dave MacQart
OC05 Lake Gairdner  Barbara Reed OC06 Strings Passion I  Allan Sherringham OC07 Grass and Fog  Kim Touzel - Merit OC08 Early Morning Fishing  Ann Warnock
OC09 Minimalism  Bruce Williams OC12 A Little Bit of Rust  Annette Potter OC10 Low Tide  Yvonne Young - Credit OM01 Thread Bare  Pauline Kitto - Credit
OM02 Time Goes By  Annette Potter - Merit OC11 Wellington Harbour  Pauline Kitto OM03 Strings Passion II  Allan Sherringham - Merit SC01-The Camel Cup  Don Cartwright
SC02 Movement01  Peter Cato SC03 Duck swimming  Suzanne Cox SC04 Cyclist 32  Dan Crowley SC05 Wild Catch  Terri Ford
SC07 Walking in the Rain  Philomena Kaarma SC08 Windsurfer  Kay Lord - Merit SC09 Gerroa Action  Dave MacQuart - Credit SC10 The West Wind  Peter Nolan
SC11 Helicopter Landing  Robin Pitcher : Action, Operation Hercules SC12 Black Beauty  Annette Potter - Credit : Beach, Jorjah, Mardi, horses SC13 Skiing the Murray  Barbara Reed SC14 Spinning Dancer  John Shadlow
SC15 Crazy Legs  Allan Sherringham SC16 Great Egret Fishing  Kim Touzel - Merit - Photo of the Month SC17 Swing High  Ann Warnock SC18 Junior Ironperson  Sue Williamson
SC20-Wipeout  Don Cartwright SC19 Up and Over  Yvonne Young - Credit SC21 Movement02  Peter Cato SC22 Kayaker moving on  Suzanne Cox
SC23 High Jump  Dan Crowley - Merit SC24 Taichi Sword  Matt Kaarma SC25 Minamarra Action  Dave MacQuart - Credit SC27 Kite Surfer  Robin Pitcher - Credit : Action, Kite Surfing
SC28 Speed Boat  John Shadlow SC26 Zumba  Peter Nolan SC29 The White-faced Herons Dance  Kim Touzel - Merit SC31 Towards the Goal  Ann Warnock - Credit
SC31 yuk!  Bruce Williams SC32 Show Jump  Sue Williamson - Credit SC33 Bucking Horse  Yvonne Young SM01- Into the wind  Don Cartwright
SM02 Bird Chase  Dan Crowley : ACT, Australia, Birds, Fyshwick, Jerrabomberra Wetlands, Little Black Cormorant, Little Pied Cormorant, Wetlands, Wildlife SM03 Ride em Cowgirl  Terri Ford SM04 Feediing  Kay Lord SM05 Nick and Bradman  Peter Nolan - Merit
SM06  Sail Away  Robin Pitcher : Action SM06 Jet Boat  Matt Kaarma - Credit SM07 My Ball  Barbara Reed - Merit SM08 After Burner  John Shadlow
SM09 Trial by Water  Sue Williamson SM10 Riden Hard  Terri Ford - Credit SM11 Thirsty  Kay Lord SM12 High Adrenalin  Bruce Williams - Credit